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UNITED CARGO MANAGEMENT (UCM) international Freight Forwarder established in Morocco specialised in 3 main areas:

- National and International transport - Customs clearance - Logistics

Our affiliation with WCC, PCA and AWS Group enables us to provide the very best solutions and rates available; we are able to take care of your shipments to and from Morocco on the three main modes of international transport (Sea, Road and Air)

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UCM manages all your shipments by standard, reefer, GOH, flat pack or open top containers ...

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Road freight is among of UCM’s main multimodal services. It is offering a complementary ...

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Through a network of IATA certified agents around the world UCM can meet all your needs ....

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UCM handles all customs clearance operations and offers a wide range of services including personalized advice ....

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UCM has achieved an incredible depth of expertise in logistical services to meet the needs of major multinational ...

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